Evolution process of the Firm | NAQVI & CO.

  • NAQVI & CO. Commencement


    Following in the footsteps of our father, who enjoyed a distinguished career as a lawyer and was subsequently elevated to the bench, our interest in law stems from the fascination with resolving conflicts, and with the significant contribution adherence to law and order makes to a modern society.

  • NAQVI & CO. Inception


    We view the disciple of law as not just a preliminary to a respectable career but also, as the means through which we broaden our horizons, nurture our intellect and understanding, and develop the duality of vision and awareness required in being a valuable citizen of the state. We are appreciative of the fact that the profession of law possesses the capacity to intervene and improve the lives of the people, evaluate human relationships, and the relationship between the masses and the State; and also, regulate tolerance and co-existence within the rich and diverse community of Pakistan.

  • NAQVI & CO. Commitment


    This firm is committed to providing personal and effective legal services to individuals and businesses, addressing their goals and their best interests, and concluding our work in a proficient, most satisfactory manner. We are not an ordinary litigation firm, because our work is far from ordinary. Our firm was built to adapt to whatever challenge confronts our client, no matter the adversary, or the complexity of the case or the legal issue involved. In every matter, our primary objective is the development of legal strategies that win.

  • NAQVI & CO. Devotion

    The firm’s ability to respond respectfully and intelligently reflects the human, financial and professional resources the firm owns and applies to all litigation. We offer a courteous and intelligent engagement with our attorneys ensuring that every client is dealt with complete attention, and is guaranteed the professionalism, confidentiality and time-sensitivity they demand and deserve.