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Brief description of Services we provide at NAQVI & CO.

Naqvi & Co. Constitutional law

Constitutional law

The firm has assisted its clients in the enforcement and protection of their fundamental rights guaranteed under the Constitution before different courts of law in the country, time and again. We have guaranteed not just the recognition of the rights and liberties of the people but also worked to try and regulate state authority and limitation, where needed.

Naqvi & Co. Corporate law

Corporate law

We are very keen in providing services like drafting legal agreements including franchise, employment and sale/purchase agreements to its various clients.
We also regularly offer opinion/consultancy services regarding the daily affairs of several corporations.

Naqvi & Co. Tax law

Tax law

The firm is representing the Federal Board of Revenue in numerous cases pending before tribunals and high courts, helping the state generate its revenue through legal and proportionate taxation.
We also handle  taxation matters including customs, income tax and sales tax of private companies and corporations, which includes cases before different forums of law; and settlements between the corporation and the executive functionaries. 

Naqvi & Co. Media law

Media law

The firm has successfully argued and contested matters before the High Courts and quasi-judicial forums pertaining to media laws including the scope of power of the regulator, ambit of legitimate limits on freedom of expression and speech, and issues concerning cancellation of licenses etc.

Naqvi & Co. Arbitration law

Arbitration law

Our partners are regularly involved in Alternate Dispute Resolution practice both for national and international clients under the Arbitration Act 1940, and under other international laws and treaties.

Naqvi & Co. Criminal law

Criminal law

The firm has dedicated its resources for litigation and dispute resolution in criminal law matters. We previously have, and currently are dealing with numerous murder trials and appeals. We are also representing corporate companies with regards to their criminal issues. We effectively handle and assist popular cases involving huge monetary sums against agencies like the National Accountability Bureau and the Anti-Corruption Establishment.

Naqvi & Co. Banking & Finance law

Banking & Finance law

We have a comprehensive experience in handling the banking and financial matters both for the banks and our private clients.

Naqvi & Co. Civil law

Civil law

Our attorneys deal with problems such as land acquisition or protection of property, co-ownership, contractual obligations, inheritance issues, family disputes and drafting of contracts amongst others.

Naqvi & Co. Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property

Our firm specializes in intellectual property laws and has represented several clients for their trademarks registration.  We also represent them before quasi-judicial forums, courts/tribunals over copyrights and other related matters.

Naqvi & Co. Real Estate

Real Estate

Our firm is representing various housing societies, and helping them resolve their issues like obtaining NOC’s from the state agencies and protecting them from unnecessary litigation.

Naqvi & Co. Employment & Labour law

Employment & Labour law

We have represented numerous clients in matters concerning employee relations and trade unions. Specifically, the firm has argued and defended promotion matters for individuals, qualification accreditation and service related issues.

Naqvi & Co. Trust law

Trust law

Our firm represents a few Islamic Organizations/ Trusts established for the welfare of the general public and to promote the freedom of religion so that every individual can profess and propagate their religion, if they choose to, in its true letter and spirit as guaranteed under our Constitution.

Naqvi & Co. Assistance to State

Assistance to State

The firm regularly assists the office of the learned Advocate General Punjab in high profile matters especially where the High Court sends notices to the AG Office for assisting the court in the issues which concern new or novel legal points; or are of such nature which effect the rights of the public at large. Such matters usually require replies from the provincial government or their concerned departments to make sure that no act done on their part is ultra vires the Constitution, or in derogation with the fundamental rights of the citizens of Pakistan.

Naqvi & Co. Pro Bono

Pro Bono

We have an active pro bono litigation practice, in order to deliver the best of legal services free of cost to those who cannot afford the expense of litigation, even for the protection of their own civil rights. The Firm represents, free of cost, some of the most underprivileged litigants, in their civil disputes and criminal matters. The firm also works with an NGO named City42 Social Welfare Wing, an offshoot of the famous Lahore-based media channel City42. It includes various responsibilities like collecting donations in order to provide food assistance to deprived individuals and families, providing clothing to deserving families, making efforts to recover displaced persons, and providing shelter to the disadvantaged senior citizens.